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Behaviour consultations are extended home visit consultations lasting between 1-3 hours. Included in the package is review of the pre-consultation questionnaire, the home visit consultation, a comprehensive written report after the consult, and 3 months of telephone and email behavioural follow up advice. For dogs, there is also an included in-person 1-2-1 practical training session with my colleague Lynn Hewison CCAB.

Sometimes follow up veterinary tests or examinations may be recommended which will usually be performed at your own vet practice.

Behaviour consultations can only be offered on veterinary referral: this means that if you are not a Veterinary Hospital client you will need to ask your own vets to send me an email with your pet’s full veterinary history.

You will need to complete the pre-consultation questionnaire in as much detail as possible and submit this a minimum of 7 working days before your scheduled appointment. Please discuss your responses with the whole family and indicate any areas of disagreement between individuals. Please include as much information as possible. Only if possible and safe to do so, please send pictures or video footage relating to the problem. 


Behaviour consultation: £345 for dogs; £220 for cats

Travel charge: there will be a mileage and time charge applied to your booking to account for travel expenses which will be charged at £0.50 per mile from the LN1 postcode

A 15% discount on initial consultations is available for existing Veterinary Hospital clients